Sherry Goldman, LCSW

Sherry Lynn provides an expert, specialty, psychotherapy practice for both adults & children. By skillfully using healing techniques, both clinical and holistic, she offers true hope for even the most persistent of behavior issues, anxieties, fears, depression, trauma, obsessions, etc.     

True change requires much more than talk therapy treatment.  This is why Sherry Lynn has spent years mastering powerful techniques.  She is Certified in Hypnosis, and offers this to both children and adults.  She is Certified in EMDR for PTSD and trauma.  She is a trained Past Life Regression Therapist.  She is trained in Sand Play, and uses this for children, adults, and families.  She is  trained in EFT and Reiki.  She is also psychic, and can even mix this into the healing pot.  Working with Sherry Lynn promises to be a fascinating, and even a life changing experience!

Techniques include: Hypnosis for Children, Hypnosis for Adults, Sand Tray for both Adults & Children, EMDR, EFT, Meditation, Mindfulness, ADHD, Energy Healing, Breath Work, Somatic Body Release, Law of Attraction, Shamanism, Intuitive-Therapy-Photo Readings, Intuitive-Therapy-Readings of Personal Items, Spirituality, Past Life Regressions.

It is reassuring to know that you can find a therapist who is both willing and truly able to make a difference, and to be the catalyst for transformation.  Both you and your child deserve this kind of treatment.  In fact, with Sherry Lynn, therapy can even be fun!  We can learn to live better!  

Please explore the many pages on this website.  It is bursting with information.  It reflects Sherry Lynn’s insatiable passion to learn, share, and be of true service!

email:                Phone:  732-557-0354