A Path from Depression & Anxiety to Happiness!

Do you, or someone you love, experience emotional upset or pain?  Are you seeking support, hope, and answers?  Would you like to feel that you are being listened to, heard, and treated, by a seasoned, authentic, healing professional?  If yes, than read on…..

I believe in our desire for Happiness, and in the power of our unique expressions of love, inspiration, and joy.  True healing goes much deeper than just treating our symptoms.

My name is Sherry Lynn Goldman, and I am a highly-trained Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW.  I have been in practice for many years, and have been on an intense, passionate, personal, journey as a healing professional.  I specialize in Teens & Adults who are experiencing Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, and other kinds of emotional upset. I have developed expert techniques ranging from traditional talk-therapy, to the far-reaching, & powerfully-impactful, EMDR, Hypnosis, Mindfulness, EFT, SandTray, & Spirituality, and more. As a Certified ADHD Coach, I also help families & children cope with school, homework, concentration & other behavioral difficulties.

My depth & versatility allow me to offer true change, and emotional healing, for even the most persistent issues. I have been on a life mission to get “real answers to big questions”. We CAN learn how to live more joyful lives!!

I have spent almost 20 years perfecting my craft, & becoming a powerfully-healing clinician. I have a masterful ability to listen deeply, and am a highly empowering, inspiring person! I use a wonderful toolbox of healing techniques, and am a catalyst for “magical-like” results.

I have developed a powerfully intuitive style. Because I am so passionately committed to my clients’ results, each and every session is expertly crafted, with just the right mix of techniques. I constantly seek to maximize results. It makes sessions with me not only healing, but also fascinating!

Techniques Include: 


Sand Tray





ADHD Coaching

Please explore the many pages on this website.  It is bursting with information.  It reflects my insatiable passion to learn, share, and be of true service!!

email:  sherry@sherrygoldman.com                Phone:  732-557-0354