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A Boutique Therapy Practice!  Sherry has 20 years experience working with Kids, Teens, & Adults. 

*ADHD for Kids & Teens    *Mindfulness for Teens. 

*EMDR *Hypnosis  *Sand-Tray  *EFT  *Meditation. 


Workshop:  Mastering the Technique of Love

Friday November 4th.  7:00pm   $20

This is a hands-on, experiential workshop.  We will learn, and then practice, the all important technique of How to Love. 

We all want more love!  And we really do need more love!  During this playful, intense, and of course, loving, workshop, you will learn how to enhance, own, and master, the amount of love in your life. 

Once we learn the technique of how to love, we can use it anywhere, and everywhere.  We become truly free!

Join us!! 


Sherry Goldman, LCSW, heals depression, anxiety, and trauma at the deepest levels possible!  She is on a personal mission to be as profoundly-healing as possible!  Therefore she is constantly learning and expanding her clinical techniques.  In addition to her many clinical tools, she also skillfully integrates intuitive tools including, psychic, mediumship, shamanism, breath work, and energy psychology.  

Her unique approach to therapy is profoundly life-changing and inspiring. Not the usual talk-therapy experience.  Sherry is able to expertly and intuitively employ the best-fit tool, to create a powerful, healing, moment. With skill and mastery, she tailors each and every session for maximum effect.

Sherry listens and heals deeply!  Each session is powerfully tailored.  Her therapy is so deep and technically skilled, she can help get to the heart of most issues. 

She walks the walk!  She has deeply studied and experimented with each and every technique herself!  She, too, is on a life mission to lead an Enlightened Life Experience.  This is so much more than traditional talk therapy! 

Working with Sherry is a life-changing, healing, and inspiring!

*ADHD for Kids & Teens  *Mindfulness for Teens  *Sand-Tray *EMDR  *Hypnosis  *EFT  *Meditation  *Intuition  *Inspiration 

*We can Learn how to Live Meaningful, Passionate Lives!  So let’s go for it!


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