Sherry Goldman, LCSW, ADC-C

Over Eating Workshop

7 Easy Tips to Avoid Over Eating!
Do the holiday festivities mean too many parties & gatherings, with just too many irresistible, yummy treats?? Does it seem almost impossible NOT to OVER INDULGE??
AVOID gaining weight these holidays! Stay IN CONTROL of food.
Expert eating tips so you stay SAFE around food.

Workshop Details:

Thursday, November 30th.  7:00pm-8:00pm.   108 Main Street.  Oceanport, NJ

$20.00 Limited Seating
To attend, RSVP: 732-557-0354

Sherry Lynn provides and expert, specialty, psychotherapy practice for Adults & Teens.  By skillfully using numerous clinical techniques, she offers true hope for even the most persistent anxieties, fears, depression, trauma, obsessions, and other emotional/behaviour issues.

As a therapist, Sherry Lynn believes that relief comes more easily when we incorporate various techniques with traditional-talk-therapy-treatment. Therefore, she has spent years studying, and mastering, numerous modalities and approaches that she now, artfully, includes into her practice.

She is Certified in both Hypnosis & EMDR for PTSD,  trauma, and anxiety.  She is trained in Sand Play to help express emotional issues without having to use words.  She is trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for PTSD and anxiety.  Sherry Lynn is also a Certified ADHD Consultant for children, adults, and families.  Additionally, she is Certified in Mindfulness for Teens.  Sherry Lynn also has highly developed intuitive skills.

During each and every session with Sherry Lynn, she will apply just the right techniques, in just the right way, to ensure that her client is always receiving the most effective and powerful healing possible!

Techniques Include:  Hypnosis, Sand Tray, EMDR, EFT, Meditation, Mindfulness, ADHD.

It is reassuring to know that you can find a therapist who is both willing and truly able to make a difference.  Sessions with Sherry Lynn may be just the catalyst you need to transform your life.  Both you and your teen deserve this level of expertise.

Please explore the many pages on this website.  It is bursting with information.  It reflects Sherry Lynn’s insatiable passion to learn, share, and be of true service!!

email:                Phone:  732-557-0354