Miracles and My First Blog

 11/11/09A great day for my first blog entry.

Today is 11/11 and that has become a very lucky number for me.  I really have no idea why the world keeps brining 11:11 to me but it does.  Many times a week, I look at the clock, and it is 11:11 am or pm.  I have no idea why, except that it has become common. It has no deep meaning to me. 

However, now that it happens so frequently, I have decided it is the world giving me an important clue. 

So, whenever it happens, I slow down, and focus on the strange miracle that I am living.  11:11 again!  It is fun, and makes me smile.  And in a small, but not small way, I love telling myself that a miracle is happening. Technically, what I am doing is focusing.  It is not very hard. 

And in this instance, it takes less than one minute.  Yet I am still self inducing well being and health.  It is that simple, and that easy.  And besides, it is fun.

So today, it just so happens, to be November 11, 2009, or 11/11.  Well I am smiling again, and laughing with the world. 

I don’t believe it is coincidence that I start this blog today.  I prefer to say it is The Law of Attraction-Secret. It is much more fun to believe in miracles, and to smile so easily.  

The more often I smile, the better. I invite you to my new blog.  Come often!

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