11/15/09. Blogging but no Well Being


I lost something important in my BLOG BLOG BLOG!

In my counseling service I offer healing for the relief of stress and other emotional distress.  I use my own, unique, healing-holistic approach, and it really seems to help people quite a bit.  I have also learned a number of easy tools to facilitate change and healing.


So where have I been going wrong because, I myself, feel like such a mess? I have not been able to get the relief I seem to facilitate for others so easily.  And I have been feeling anger, repressed anger, and mood swings of anger, all day! I am not a computer expert. 

And my own journey to get a website up and running has been anything but healing-holistic. In fact it has been awful.  It even seems like I have become that dysfunctional person of my own past.  How could this be? For one thing, I have been trying, and trying, and trying! 

Even though I know all too well, that trying is very far from accomplishing.  I still keep trying to get this website up and running. And, all this trying is stressing me out!  Talk about stress and tension    !  Wow!  I have been spending hours, weeks, months, at this.  I feel like a train wreck. 

I am angry, frustrated, exhausted, and feel stuck. 

What’s up with me?

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