Does Your Soul Mate Bring Authentic Happiness?

  3/30/10  My Soul Mate’s Birthday

Today is my soul mate’s birthday.  One of my soul mates happens to be my one and only sibling, by brother.  Funny, how I could write this to the world, yet have never discussed it with him directly.  The things we do! So what is a soul mate?  That is a great question.  But one thing I do believe about soul mates, is that when we have a relationship with one, that person will inspire us to our greatness.  And I can certainly say that is true about my brother. So do relationships with our soul mates bring authentic happiness?  Not necessarily, but no one ever said that inspiration, and greatness are easy or smooth.  And I do not claim that my brother and I are always easy and smooth.  But what I do know, is that my relationship with him has led me to ask some of the most important questions in my life. Like, how do I find authentic happiness, well being and health, even if we are not getting along?  How do I define my role as sister, daughter, mother, within my family, and how do I make it work?  What if they do not like how I do it?  I discuss these kinds of important questions frequently with clients in my counseling service. For I know, that no one can know these things but myself.  And it is up to me to figure it out.  And it is every person’s right to have their own opinion about things, even about me.  But it is not my obligation to obey other’s opinions, or please them, or deny my own needs to please others. I believe that the importance of our sibling relationships is highly under valued.  And the the tremendous impact that they can have, is largely under estimated. So today, as I just got off the phone from wishing my one and only brother, a Happy Birthday, I choose to celebrate my relationship with my brother.  I choose to appreciate all the growth he has brought into my life.  And I choose to acknowledge myself for being the best sister I know how to be.  I also look forward to becoming a more loving, wiser, and even better sister as life goes on! Happy Birthday Brother! sg

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