Eating Binge! I mean Happy Easter!

  3/29/10  Oh No, its Easter Eating Binge Time

So how can you ever Lose Weight Fast when it is Easter, and there is candy all around?  You may even feel panicky or out of control. 

Perhaps you already see yourself eating compulsive amounts of candy, gaining weight, and suffering in the guilt.

Can you break the habit?

As you know, days like Easter can BIG triggers for bad habits of eating, an eating binge, and emotional eating.  If you would like to break that habit, or heal the crave, here is something you can start doing immediately! 

Follow the 5 tips below to begin. You don’t have to spend the day over eating compulsive.  It can become easy to relax through these holidays.  Relief from stress can start right now:

1) Notice exactly how you feel about the candy and yourself.  Whatever it is.  Whether it is dread, panic, or even self loathing.  Here is what to do next!

2) This may seem the opposite of what you would normally do.  But actually breathe into all those unpleasant feelings.  Dive into them like a pool of water.  They are your guidance, and we all need guidance to have a great life. 

And sometimes guidance does not feel pleasant.  But we need it anyway.  How do we know what is working, or not working, if we do not ever learn what true relief feels like?

3) Allow yourself to breathe deeply into the emotions.  It will probably only stay intense for a brief time.  Allow yourself to stay with the feelings until some kind of shift happens.

4) Once this shift in emotions starts to happen, stay with it a bit more.  Have just a little bit of patience. You will amaze yourself at how easy this is, and how fantastically helpful it is.  It is using your guidance, not willpower. 

It is just one of the ways, a very surprisingly, simple, method. I believe this is actually a form of self love.  Being with ourselves unconditionally, no matter what the feelings are.  It is the opposite of stuffing feelings, ignoring feelings, conquering feelings.  It is the way!

5) And, absolutely, you can use Emotional Freedom – EFT to stop any candy craving, any time. Go for it.  Get relief.  Don’t suffer.  Let is be easy, You can do it.  You deserve it. Have a transforming Easter Holiday!

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