Licensed Counselor or Fraud?


What if I am really a fraud after all?

If you are reading this blog, then you probably already know that I have a very busy counseling service, and that I claim to be able to help, tremendously, with the relief of stress. And many people who work with me seem to be able to change their lives.

So if it is true, why have I been so completely miserable.  I am lost, again, in the mess of building this website.  What am I missing, and why can’t I practice what I preach?  If I can’t help myself, than I have no business helping others!

Before I actually throw in the towel, let me ask myself the kinds of questions that need to be asked! "What kind of relationship do I have with this issue." 

Yes, I do have a relationship with this web site, with my e-commerce business, and with my prosperity.  And they are all linked closely right now. So you can see that this this is not only important for when I am working as a counselor for marriage and couples  It is crucial for just about any issue.

Another example of this kind of relationship is for those who want to lose weight fast,   You must develop a loving relationship with the thin you, at your ideal weight and body, before you are thin.  The thin image of you will guide you to new habits of eating. 

To become more financially successful, you must have a great relationship with money.  Even before you are rich.  How else will you get there?

So what is my relationship with my e-commerce business.  Obviously, it is a bad one!  It feels, at the moment, like a love – hate!  Perhaps even the wost relationship I have endured in years.  I want the business to work, but I hate how hard I am working at it.  Plus, I hate the work.


Well, you know what?  My e-commerce business is hating me back. 

Even a wonderful coach cannot get me out of this! So what do I do when I only see a terrible solution, or an even worse solution. 

The terrible solution is to just keep working hard, even though I hate it.  The worse solution is give it all up.  That worse solution is getting more and more tempting. So here is what I have been doing the past few weeks. 

I HAVE BEEN DOING NOTHING.  I did not work on the site,   I did not talk about the site, I did my best not to even think about the site. 

I did other things with my time.  I relaxed and had some fun.  I really enjoyed not feeling guilty about my time away.  It was wonderful.

I am blogging today for the first time in quite a while.  It is the first time I have even looked at the site in weeks.  But it is amazing to be here. I actually feel my optimism coming back. 

My anxiety is much lower.  I feel excited again.  WOW, was I torturing myself!  Amazing that it seems so clear now. So what is the race to finish after all?  What difference does it really make that it has taken much longer than I thought? 

Now that I have more perspective, SO WHAT! It feels good not be so angry.  And besides, whenever we are angry, all we do is attract more anger into our lives. 

The Law of Attraction-Secret never stops hearing, and responding to us. So I am in a better mind set, even thought the website is not up yet.


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