Where is My Relief of Stress?

Relief of Stress

11/16/09  Is relief of stress in site?

Today. somehow, miraculously, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I feel my excitement returning.  I was beginning to really give up.

What brought on the relief of stress? Perhaps it was the Emotional Freedom -EFT I was doing this afternoon.

I was driving in my car and doing the Emotional Freedom -EFT, I know that sounds bizarre.  But EFT is so easy to do, I squeak it in everywhere and anywhere.   Anyway, as I was doing some EFT in the car, and thinking about my website drama.  After a bit of EFT tapping, I began to feel a sense of relief of stress.  Yeah for me!

The truth is, I don’t care how I get well being and health.

I only care that I get it!

Right now I am enjoying a new perspective.  The old web sites that I built, payed lots of money for, and trashed, seem far, far away.  All the hours spent, and the disappointment, now seem like a long time ago.

I am now remembering a wonderful thing, that perhaps I had forgotten, but now remember again.   And that is:  You can’t make yourself know, what you do not yet know.  We just don’t know ahead of time.  We live and we learn. So if I don’t know the answers yet, about this website, I cannot force myself to know.

But an important question to ask is how can we learn what we need to learn?  Because I sure want to know what my part is, in this website debacle.  And I sure do want to learn it fast.

The way to receive answers, is clear.  We pay attention to our guidance, and we ALL receive guidance.  Guidance does not come from our thoughts.  Guidance does come from our emotions, our feelings, our gut instincts, and our intuition.

And guidance is pretty simple.  If something feels good, it means yes.  You are on target.  If something feels bad, it means no.  Do or say nothing until you get relief.  How you get relief is up to you because no two people are the same.  And to toot my own  horn, I really do teach some really wonderful methods in my counseling service.

So now that I feel some relief of the stress I was experiencing, I realize I am enjoying a different perspective.  I am now beginning to see the light at the end of this tunnel. Things don’t seem so glum or so serious.

Yeah for me again!

And while this web site is not done yet, or perfected, neither am I.  And the best part of this web site project is yet to come.  And so it is with me as well.


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