Therapist Seeks Relief from Stress!

  1/28/10   Fooled Again.

This may or may not come as a surprise to you.   But if you read the entry above from 11/16/09, you would have really believed I was well on my way to a successful website. Or at least I seemed out of the muck.  I know I certainly believed that to be true. Well, I am in process of dismantling the entire thing, only to create yet a new one. 

How could this be true? 

Is there any relief of stress in site for me? So this time I have hired a very expensive e-commerce coach.   Obviously, my first coach was not the right one for this project. 

But at least I am no longer doing this on my own! Why did I wait so long to get help? Why did I forget that I don’t have to do everything all by myself?  What a relief of stress not to do this alone anymore. 

Isn’t this what I encourage everyone else to do? So I am deliberately reminding anyone who is reading this entry, to read the above entry from 11/16/09.  Just in case you too, are going about something alone.  Anything that is just seeming too hard.  

You don’t have to do things by yourself.  In fact, most happy, successful people, are great at delegating. So go get help.  And here is what I look for when I am seeking advice or a counseling service of any kind: I only want to learn from someone who has more of what I want, than I have. 

So if you are more prosperous, more physically fit, more healthy, have more love and joy or authentic happiness, or more of an expertise, than I would probably be open to hear your wisdom. 

It may not work for me, but I would probably be curious.  Otherwise, I may enjoy a relationship with you, as a lover, partner, mother, friend, child, etc., but would not look to you for wisdom.  Be selective.

So I am again, using life deliberately and selfishly, to keep my spiritual awakenings going.  And right now it is my website dilemma.  I am learning today, again, the beauty of being humble.  I am reminding myself that I don’t have to live right, to have a great life.

Thanks for reading!

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