No Progress, but, Relief of Stress!

Relief of Stress!

Nothing has changed with my website.  Getting lost in the muck of the company that has promised to build it. 

Of course I already paid for it. So what am I doing to help myself!

1)  I have totally stepped back. 

I am focused on getting relief of stress, and feeling better.  I really want some authentic happiness. And the best way for me to stop stressing over this website was to stop working on it.  More is not better.

2) A wonderful thing has been happening. 

Now that I am not working on the site, my creative juices are beginning to flow again. I have begun re-writing some of my mind-hypnosis recordings.  I am feeling really excited by them.  In fact, I love them. I think you will too.  (Once I can actually offer them to you on my website of course.)

3)  Perhaps because my mind is freer, I also got this awesome idea last night. 

It was so exciting that I am up this morning at 6:00am, writing now, a few minutes before the rest of the house gets up.  So here is what I am going to do!  And it has nothing to do with fixing this website.

4)  It is time to move to my new, wonderful, expensive home. 

I relocated this past summer, so that my daughter could go to a new, alternative, school where kids are free to learn based on their passions and desires.  Talk about learning how to live The Law of Attraction-Secret  early in life!

So we moved closer to the school.  Before we bought a house, we decided to rent, and get to know the area, so we currently live in a lovely townhouse. 

But now it is feeling time for the the perfect location and home to to happen.  I am so certain that this will all happen, I have already told my daughter about our new home. And I do not mess with my daughter, ever!

The only complication with getting this new dream home, in this new dream location, is that it requires that I am already a millionaire.  While I absolutely intend to be a multi-millionaire, I am not one yet. So how will it get there?  I do not know, but please read tomorrow’s blog entry. 

Someone is getting up, and I have to go for now.

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