Authentic Happiness……Will my Dreams Ever Come True?

Can I achieve a higher level of authentic happiness?

Can I allow my own dreams to come true?  Sherry’s invitation to the world! Blog with me as I attract my dream home. 

How will the money come for my dream home?  How will the dream I have already promised my daughter unfold? I have no idea.  But I do not make idle promises to my daughter. 

So the dream house is coming, somehow. What I intend for this blog, is share, with everyone, how my family gets the dream house.  How it unfolds.  I know I intend to let the Law of Attraction-Secret work for me. 

And just so you know, I have no idea how that is going to happen, yet.  Not a clue.  I do not have the money, or the idea, or the plan.  But I do have the desire.

So how is this all going to work out?  Well I just don’t know.  But I love the idea of sharing it with you. Why not come to my blog to see how it is all working. 

What better way to learn the Law of Attraction-Secret, the technique of focus, and how to think positive, then to watch someone else doing it.  You may learn, or get inspired to attract your own dream come true.

I know this journey will bring intense healing-holistic.

This is because some hurt feelings must be in the way.  Some old limiting beliefs.  I know I will be using Emotional Freedom EFT, EMDR Therapy, Mind Hypnosis, and all my tricks to release any hurt feelings in the way.

And now that I have written this to the world, and I am committed to sharing it with the world, there is only one outcome that I expect.  My dream come true!  Of course!

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