An Attitude-Postive -a Necessity for Valentine’s Day!

 2/14/10  It is Valentine’s Day.

I don’t let anyone, or any holiday, tell me how to feel.  EVER!. 

So days like Valentines are a great day to focus.  Today reminds me how important it is to manage my thoughts and maintain an attitude positive! Especially today, Valentines Day, I remember the importance of my well-being and health

I remember my commitment to love myself, First.  This way I can freely share that love, easily, with the world.  When I have my own authentic happiness, it is easy to relax and feel wonderful.

So my first, most important Valentine’s Day wish, is dedicated to the love of myself.  Without that love, I have nothing to give.

When I am connected to my inner being, the world is a wonderful and amazing place. So right this moment as I deliberately refocus on myself and my well-being and health, I feel alive, and joyful. 

From this place, I love being alive.  And the love I feel right now feels free and awesome.  I am pleased to share it with anyone and everyone. So not only to the beloveds in my life, but to everyone, I wish you the most satisfying, passionate, transforming, day. 

Commit to yourself today. 

Self induce a feeling of authentic happiness, and enjoy a wonderful, Happy Valentine’s Day!


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