Repressed Anger Pops Out!

Let’s Talk About Overcoming Anger!

I mean mood swings and anger.  I mean passive aggressive angerRepressed anger.  I mean all the ways there are of feeling anger. And there are lots of them.

I have been walking around all day feeling anger within my whole body.  I have been asking myself all day, so what can I do to get this anger under control? 

What anger techniques do I know to help me overcoming this anger? Anger issues and how to manage anger are some of the most common issues around. 

I know I am not the only one.  But that is not helping me right now. I am miserable. I know there are all kinds of anger classes, claiming they teach how to control anger. Frankly I don’t believe them, nor do I trust them. 

I do not believe that anger management is something we should strive for anyway. Here is what I really know I must do.  I have known it all day.  This is true self help with anger, and I know my task. 

I have got to set aside a few minutes, and get comfortable with the idea of feeling my anger.  My foolproof strategy of how to handle anger is to make it safe to feel.

So here is what I am going to do. I am going to someplace private and safe.  I am going to sit or stand comfortably.  And I am going to breathe into the sensations I am feeling of anger. 

I am going to be with myself and my anger.  I may even swing my arms around, yell a bit, punch the air, a pillow, whatever.  This is not a glamorous moment, but a healing-holistic moment.

I am honoring myself and my emotions.

Healing Anger Issues

I am going to release my repressed anger.  I am going to be with it, until I feel it, and until I feel the anger release from me.  Once I get down to it, it won’t actually take long.  Just a few minutes, most likely.

It used to frighten me in the beginning. Now I am used to it.  I have learned it is actually quite safe.  I am safe. 

My anger is safe.  I can be safe feeling my anger. It will certainly be easier than enduring those moods swings or anger, and passive aggressive anger I have experienced all day.

In fact, I can’t wait to do it.  Now that I have actually woken up to what my body and soul is telling me, I am excited to feel the relief of stress!

So if you don’t mind, it is time for me to stop typing.  It is time for me to go breathe into my anger. The best possible treatment for anger is always right at my finger tips.  Yours is too.

Time to go release that repressed anger! I am looking forward to the rest of my day.  Full of well being and health.  How about you?

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