Well Being and Health via Mind-Hypnosis

I use mind hypnosis in my counseling service so healing can be easy. Relax into your new habits, your positive thinking, and your relief of stress.

I love love easy tools. 

Mind-hypnosis can easily be learned.  Once learned, you can easily induce self-hypnosis, on your own.  Any time you want a more attitude positive, or relief of stress, you can get it.

What is mind-hypnosis?

Mind-hypnosis can be described as an easy, relax, altered state of awareness.  Our unconscious is extremely alert and attentive while consciously, we feel easy, relax, and comfortable. 

It can seem "so magical" that its healing holistic powers are surprising.

Despite the easy, relaxed quality of mind-hypnosis, we actually remain completely in control, not at all unconscious.  Mind-hypnosis is also safe because our unconscious always remains in control, ensuring our well being and health.

95% of people can respond to mind-hypnosis.  In fact, most of us have experienced some form of mind-hypnosis, spontaneously.  If you have ever been absorbed in a movie, or lost track of time while driving, then you have experienced a form of mind-hypnosis.

Mind-Hypnosis and relaxation hypnosis:

  • Get up in the morning, early
  • Develop motivation and gratitude
  • Sleep Hypnosis
  • Heal Disorders-Anxiety
  • Conquer any fear
  • Flying Fear
  • Public speaking
  • Change Habits
  • Best Way to Stop Smoking
  • Heal Hurt feelings
  • Obsessive Thoughts
  • A Feeling of Natural Calm
  • Build Confidence

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