I Love When it is Easy to Relax!

Emotional Freedom-EFT

I was showing Emotional Freedom-EFT to someone in my counseling service last week.  It was the first time he had ever tried it. It was thrilling to watch. This suffering, sad, anxious, guy had been feeling terrible for months.  Stress was all he could feel.

Relief of Stress

I knew he deserved relief of stress.  Yes, he needed it bad!  Plus he was so upset, he had lost all perspective. So, we started tapping through the easy EFT spots.  It was visible, immediately, that it was helping him. The relief of stress lifted from his face.  He sat more upright.  He began to have a brightness to his eyes.

Motivation and Gratitude

He also began to think more clearly.  Naturally he began to experience feelings of motivation and gratitude.  It was like watching a miracle before my very eyes.  It was awesome. This kind of healing-holistic moment is why I do what I do.  Being a therapist, counselor, means I can facilitate people back to their own well being and health.  What an amazing thing to share with someone. I imagine that this client of mine will continue to have issues to resolve.  But he has learned  amazing, easy tools, that he can use any time he wants.  Sometimes we get very involved in our stress, and cause of it.  We lose focus. we delve into the stress and tension to problem solve. We forget, that relief of stress is what we are craving.  When we feel better we will be able to receive better guidance to the answers.  Problem solving is not the same as receiving answers. I want answers, and I want them easily.  So I focus on high relief from the problem.  And I invite in well being and health. It was a joy to watch my client arrive there so smoothly. Great job!

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