EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) (EMDR) Therapy has helped two million people.  It is an amazing tool that can help you too!

It is extremely successful in the relief of stress from Post Stress Disorder.  However, it is also works wonderfully with most disorders of anxiety.

Therapy with EMDR was discovered in 1987 by psychologist, Dr. Francine Shapiro.  EMDR Therapy is one of the few researched techniques, with proven effectiveness, especially with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Post Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post Stress Disorder occurs during trauma or intense upset.   Symptoms of Post Traumatic Disorder can be acute.  These symptoms often dont change, despite all attempts to prevent or eliminate them.

During trauma, our brain may not process information in the usual manner.  Post Traumatic Disorder symptoms result if the memory becomes frozen in our mind, or unprocessed. 

This stress can cause depression symptoms, stress in coping, intense anxiety in thoughts, feeling out of control, intense anger and rage, inappropriate sadness or guilt, inappropriate feelings of inadequacy, inappropriate feelings of loneliness, intense stress and tension.

Get Relief of Stress!

EMDR Therapy is unique in that it succecessfully brings relief of stress, and relief of the symptoms, from Post Traumatic Disorder.  This relief of stress happens because EMDR Therapy both neutralizes and re-processes the painful trauma memories, eliminating symptoms. Post Stress Disorder can result from major trauma such as natural disasters, accidents, life threatening events, or emotional and physical abuse. 

However, Post Traumatic Disorder can also occur from incidents involving humiliation, embarrassment, loneliness, rejection, fear, etc.   Frozen memories can be triggered easily unless healing, holistic methods like EMDR Therapy are used .

Quick Results

Therapy with EMDR is usually much quicker, and more profound, than traditional talk therapy. It uses left brain, right brain activity, (similar to the REM movements of sleep), to reprocess and heal the frozen memory.  You still have the memory, but are free of the painful images, sounds, smells, and feelings. 

Therefore, you will no longer be triggered. Painful nightmares can be eliminated.  Depression can lift.  It can cure a phobia or fear.  It can calm anxiety. EMDR Therapy can also help change habits, instill motivation and gratitude, and reinforce affirmations-positive. 

Athletes and performers often use it for performance enhancement and performance breakthroughs. In my counseling service, I combine and integrate a high-level approach to EMDR Therapy. I use it along with other healing, and holistic techniques.  The results are a profound body, mind, healing! ____________________________________________________________________________

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