The Law of Attraction-Secret

According to the Law of Attraction-Secret, we get everything in life that we think about.  It is actually more accurate to say that whatever we focus on the most, with the most feeling, is what we will get in our lives. 

This means that our feelings and emotions very much dictate the direction of our lives! The Law of Attraction-Secret will not differentiate between an attitude positive, or an attitude that is negative.  In other words, if we think about life abundance, with feelings and emotions of great intensity, we will attract great wealth.

If we think about the lack of money, with feelings and emotions of great intensity, we will attract stress and tension. For this reason, we must know all about our feelings and emotions.  An attitude, positive, is essential to attract life abundance. 

Living with Authentic Happiness depends on developing these skills! So how do we change our attitude?  How do we self-induce love-thoughts?  How do we have positive feelings and emotions about beliefs the way we really want to?

These are the questions that are essential to successfully master the Law of Attraction – Secret. Most of us have a great deal of feelings and emotions about the things we don’t want or like, such as poverty, not enough money, wanting to lose weight fast, war, the economy, our jobs, etc.

However, once we are clear on those negative feelings and emotions, and know what we don’t want, the crucial task is to develop an attitude that is positive, so that we can have feelings and emotions that are positive. We only get what we want through positive thought. The Law of Attraction- Secret, will not do this refocusing for us.  We will either attract great wealth, using the Law of Attraction for money, success, and health.  OR, we will stay negative, and attract the opposite.

Why not become a master of the Law of Attraction- Secret.  Learn easy tools to develop attitudes-positive and love-thoughts.  Learn the Secret about feelings and emotions, and how to change your attitude.  Master an attitude positive.  Achieve your financial, career, & business breakthroughs.

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