Mood Swings of Anger Get the Best of Me!

Talk About Mood Swings!

I have been feeling so angry the past few months.  With all my anger techniques, and tools on anger control, I was really beginning to wonder about myself.  What was going on? I could not figure out how to manage my anger and my upset.  I was chronically feeling stress and anger.

Overcoming Anger

I did not know what to do.  So I finally decided to STOP!  What I mean by that is, I slowed way down. Like most of us, I drive myself fairy hard. 

I run, I do yoga, I work, I commute, I drive my daughter to her school, I am working on my on-line business. I love everything I am doing.  But I was feeling horrible?  Hmmmm? So I stopped rushing to yoga before work.  Ahhh.  I did not run every morning during the 99 degree heat wave of July.   Ahhhh.  I took a break from working on my on-line business.  Ahhhh.   I felt like a kid on summer vacation.  It was fantastic!

And then I found out that I was anemic.  No wonder I was so darn tired.  So I am taking iron, no longer anemic, and chilling out.  I cannot remember a time when I had more authentic happiness or a deeper sense of well-being and health.

So I am relearning what I already knew.  More is not always better!  Some times more just means more stress and anger, more anger issues, and more need for anger classes.

So here is wishing you a lot less repressed anger, and a lot more authentic happiness.  Slow down and smell the roses.  Enjoy your summer.  I know I am. See you at the beach!

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