Positive Thoughts ? Where are Mine ?

 I Have Officially Stopped Caring About My Own Opinion! 

I am formally No Longer Interested in my own thoughts!

Perhaps you are curious about this.  Have I lost my mind?  Have I finally gone completely insane?

Actually it feels like the opposite.  It feels like forward progress on my own spiritual awakening, and a positive surge in my own well being and health.  So let me tell you what I mean by this. 

I have a definite opinion and belief about those of us who follow gurus.  I also have a definite opinion about those of us who have "rigid" beliefs about food.  I always knew that neither one of those were for me. 

I Just Had to Get Over What I "Thought!"  

Because last month, I realized that there was a "guru" who I really wanted to learn more about.  The more I learned about him the more curious I became.  Now that kind of intrigue feels good. That is a YES, no matter what my opinions are. 

So I listened to my feelings.  I heard my thoughts, but ignored them.  Thoughts like, "Oh that is such a hassle.  It is too expensive.  What a bother.  You’ll  never really do that." 

Yes, I flew all the way from NJ to the ashram, way out in Tennessee.   And I am so proud to tell you that I went, despite that loud chatter going on in my head.

And am I ever glad that I did.  I now follow the guru’s easy daily practice.  Even more shocking to me, is that I have changed my eating.  He suggested eating mostly raw foods and vegetarian in a way that made so much sense to me, that again, I became extremely curious. 

Mind you, I  was not at all interested in following a guru, or in becoming a raw vegetarian.  In fact, they were last on my list.  But I was extremely curious, and I am committed to letting my Yes emotions be my truth. 

I Don’t Care What I Think!

Despite what my head was telling me, and what my opinions were, I have definitely been experiencing more authentic happiness and joy since I began following the guru’s practice.  I wake up in the morning, early, feeling both motivation and gratitude.  And this is happening easily, simply by my change of habits. I wake up, and get things done with a great relief in stress. In fact, things have felt much easier and much more focused. 

So I do not care what I think.  I only care what I feel.  And what I feel is better!!  My well being and health are the most important things in my life.  How about you?

You may never meet a guru, and you may never need to.  But you and I have a very powerful guidance system within us.  And that is the power and wisdom of our emotion.  Let it help you shut off the loudness of your own opinions.  Perhaps you’ll find your own way to authentic happiness too.

If anyone is curious about what I have been learning, feel free to contact me via email at sherry@sherrygoldman.com or call my Counseling Service at 732-557-0354.



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