Enlighten Me, Please!

Crazy or not, I am committed to my goal. 

I want enlightenment!

Do you know anyone who is after enlightenment?  Well I am!  And there is not stopping me!

The worst that can happen to me is that I won’t ever get there.  But at least I will be living 100% true to myself.  I will never get there if I don’t give it my all.

It means I am going for it!

Most people I know want to make more money, be in better shape, look younger, have another child, a nicer car……..  I am not settling for those things. 

I am not saying that I don’t want those things too.  But I know that if they arrive, they will just be the evidence that I am further along in my spiritual journey.  They will be the evidence to me, that I am living a more joyful life, and experiencing more and more authentic happiness. 

I say this because I understand better how the world really works.  No matter what we believe, and what rules we follow, whether we are naughty or nice, the world will continue to follow the Universal Laws, and this includes the Law of Attraction,Secret.  

So if my ocean front home has arrived, it means that I have become a energy magnet for it.  When my ocean front home arrives, it shows I live an exuberant, free, vibrant life!  My ocean front home is the evidence that I am on top of the world, emotionally. And I take all the credit for how I feel. 

So, I do whatever I can to feel great. 

I am not going to wait for that pot of gold to arrive, or to get younger looking, or whatever…..  I am going to pay close attention to how I am feeling.  I am going to take responsibility for my every mood. 

I am not going to listen to any reasons, even those great ones, for why I should be suffering with mood swings of anger, feeling upset, or frustrated.  While they may be true, they will not make me a magnet for my ocean front home.  They will not lead me to my enlightenment.  Plus, finding a way to brighten a bad mood, is THE journey to authentic happiness. 

And you better believe that when I move in to my ocean front home, I am going to have one big party!!! 


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