Lesson in Positive Thinking

Auto pilot mode.

I start my morning jog, with my dog, as usual. I notice that it is the coldest day so far.  I remember having this thought last week on another crisp morning.  Today is cloudy, like it will rain.

My dog is loving the coolness, and running with extra bounce. I enjoy his joy.  I deliberately let him pull me a bit, just because I love feeling his excitement.

I notice the coolness, and how it makes it a bit easier to run.  I look up at the clouds, and see the various colors of white and gray.  I deliberately acknowledge to myself that I am proud to be out here.

I feel myself breathing as I run.  No big deal, but I allow myself to get ultra "corny" about my breathing anyway.  After all, it is what keeps me alive.

I notice the trees as I run by.  I deliberately look at them, and as I do, I notice their aliveness too.  I don’t care that it is "corny" to do this.  It feels great, and I don’t have to tell everyone I am doing this.

I realize that I feel inspired to write this blog about today, this regular day of running for me.  I know I must commit to this thought, or I will never remember it.  After all, this is how inspiration arrives, and it is usually fleeting So I commit.

This commitment makes me notice even more small moments of the run.  Honestly, I can’t even remember most of them anymore. 

But I do remember imagining my beach front home, as my feet plod along, automatically.  I have now started to see the living room with a big ocean view, and the deck.  I see me standing on the deck, in my pretty blue cover that I wear in the summer.  It is an ancient old dress that I love. 

I am beyond thrilled that this image is now arriving.  It is evidence that my ability to attract what I truly want is heightening.  It thrills me!  I know I will include this in what I write.

Knowing that I now see my beach home in my mind, and now announcing it to world thrills me even more.  I don’t care what they think; it is not for them but for me. 

Now this is deliberate mood and mind altering action!  Yeah for me. 

When my run was complete, I came into my home, feeling wonderful, alive, with a heightened sense of peace. It had started to rain at the tail end, and got harder as I got to my driveway.  How cool!

It is now an hour later, but I know I made a commitment to write.  I always honor what arrived as inspiration.  So here I am now writing.

This is me living as deliberately as possible.……. paying close attention to how I am feeling.  Steering my own ship, to see how far into my joy I can get.  Since it is all up to me, I take the job very seriously. 

My thoughts are connected to my feelings.  The positive feelings let me know I am thinking in an inspiring way.  A negative feeling lets me know I am thinking in a problematic way. 

And so I steer the ship of my own life, as best as I can.  I know I am an target, in thought and action, if it feels good.  And I tweak the entire time. 

This is my commitment to myself.  I deserve it. 

So do you!



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