The Liberty Learning Community


A wonderful new school comes to Farmingdale, NJ!

With a truly wonderful, Family – Inclusive Curriculum

At The Liberty Learning Community we have combined the best of Un-Schooling and Self-Directed Learning, to create a landmark educational opportunity for your child.

Your child deserves an education that prepares them to thrive in the fast paced Information-Age of Today.  Our unique, family-inclusive curriculum is skillfully implemented with the inspiration of the proven Sudbury Valley School philosophy.  The result is a educational environment unlike any other.

The Model of this wonderful School Community is as follows:

Full Time Tuition:
1) $3500. Parents commit to be at the school one day per week.  Their child attends school 5 days per week.
2) $5000. Child attends the school every day. No parent commitment.

Part Time Tuition:

1)  3 day per week minimum.
2) $3000.  Parent Commit to be at School one day per week.
3) $4500.  No parent Commitment.

Tuition for Additional Children are a pro-rated.  Please inquire.

Students range from age 4 through High School. 

The The Liberty Learning Community is a community experience. It provides a rich, diverse, supportive, world where passionate learning takes place.  Where Genius, Creativity, and Out of the Box Thinking are the Norm.  Where Performance is Inspired by Passion, NOT Test Results.  Every Student is free to be a Leader.

‘The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.’                     ~Albert Einstein

Please come to the next Informational Meeting.  All are welcome! 

Call 732-557-0354 for more information.

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