Sherry Lynn offers profoundly innovative, and deeply healing, techniques for anxiety, depression, trauma, panic, and OCD.  Much more powerful than traditional talk therapy, Sherry Lynn uses a wide range of tools, to help with even the deepest of emotional issues.

Sherry Lynn passionately inspires, guides, and educates.  Her commitment to your well-being is a powerful catalyst for change.  Working with Sherry Lynn makes it easy to regain your zest for life.  Overcome hurtles.  Even claim your life dreams.  Life can become exciting and meaningful when we heal old wounds and develop new tools.  Groups are also offered.

Techniques for Adults Include:  EMDR, Hypnosis, EFT, Mindfulness, ADHD Coaching, Sand Tray, Meditation, Breath Work and Somatic Healing, Law of Attraction, Shamanism, Intuitive Readings of Photos and Personal Items, Spirituality, Past Life Regressions.

email:                Phone:  732-557-0354