Lesson in Positive Thinking

Auto pilot mode.

I start my morning jog, with my dog, as usual. I notice that it is the coldest day so far.  I remember having this thought last week on another crisp morning.  Today is cloudy, like it will rain.

My dog is loving the coolness, and running with extra bounce. I enjoy his joy.  I deliberately let him pull me a bit, just because I love feeling his excitement.

I notice the coolness, and how it makes it a bit easier to run.  I look up at the clouds, and see the various colors of white and gray.  I deliberately acknowledge to myself that I am proud to be out here.

I feel myself breathing as I run.  No big deal, but I allow myself to get ultra "corny" about my breathing anyway.  After all, it is what keeps me alive.

I notice the trees as I run by.  I deliberately look at them, and as I do, I notice their aliveness too.  I don’t care that it is "corny" to do this.  It feels great, and I don’t have to tell everyone I am doing this.

I realize that I feel inspired to write this blog about today, this regular day of running for me.  I know I must commit to this thought, or I will never remember it.  After all, this is how inspiration arrives, and it is usually fleeting So I commit.

This commitment makes me notice even more small moments of the run.  Honestly, I can’t even remember most of them anymore. 

But I do remember imagining my beach front home, as my feet plod along, automatically.  I have now started to see the living room with a big ocean view, and the deck.  I see me standing on the deck, in my pretty blue cover that I wear in the summer.  It is an ancient old dress that I love. 

I am beyond thrilled that this image is now arriving.  It is evidence that my ability to attract what I truly want is heightening.  It thrills me!  I know I will include this in what I write.

Knowing that I now see my beach home in my mind, and now announcing it to world thrills me even more.  I don’t care what they think; it is not for them but for me. 

Now this is deliberate mood and mind altering action!  Yeah for me. 

When my run was complete, I came into my home, feeling wonderful, alive, with a heightened sense of peace. It had started to rain at the tail end, and got harder as I got to my driveway.  How cool!

It is now an hour later, but I know I made a commitment to write.  I always honor what arrived as inspiration.  So here I am now writing.

This is me living as deliberately as possible.……. paying close attention to how I am feeling.  Steering my own ship, to see how far into my joy I can get.  Since it is all up to me, I take the job very seriously. 

My thoughts are connected to my feelings.  The positive feelings let me know I am thinking in an inspiring way.  A negative feeling lets me know I am thinking in a problematic way. 

And so I steer the ship of my own life, as best as I can.  I know I am an target, in thought and action, if it feels good.  And I tweak the entire time. 

This is my commitment to myself.  I deserve it. 

So do you!



Enlighten Me, Please!

Crazy or not, I am committed to my goal. 

I want enlightenment!

Do you know anyone who is after enlightenment?  Well I am!  And there is not stopping me!

The worst that can happen to me is that I won’t ever get there.  But at least I will be living 100% true to myself.  I will never get there if I don’t give it my all.

It means I am going for it!

Most people I know want to make more money, be in better shape, look younger, have another child, a nicer car……..  I am not settling for those things. 

I am not saying that I don’t want those things too.  But I know that if they arrive, they will just be the evidence that I am further along in my spiritual journey.  They will be the evidence to me, that I am living a more joyful life, and experiencing more and more authentic happiness. 

I say this because I understand better how the world really works.  No matter what we believe, and what rules we follow, whether we are naughty or nice, the world will continue to follow the Universal Laws, and this includes the Law of Attraction,Secret.  

So if my ocean front home has arrived, it means that I have become a energy magnet for it.  When my ocean front home arrives, it shows I live an exuberant, free, vibrant life!  My ocean front home is the evidence that I am on top of the world, emotionally. And I take all the credit for how I feel. 

So, I do whatever I can to feel great. 

I am not going to wait for that pot of gold to arrive, or to get younger looking, or whatever…..  I am going to pay close attention to how I am feeling.  I am going to take responsibility for my every mood. 

I am not going to listen to any reasons, even those great ones, for why I should be suffering with mood swings of anger, feeling upset, or frustrated.  While they may be true, they will not make me a magnet for my ocean front home.  They will not lead me to my enlightenment.  Plus, finding a way to brighten a bad mood, is THE journey to authentic happiness. 

And you better believe that when I move in to my ocean front home, I am going to have one big party!!! 


Positive Thoughts ? Where are Mine ?

 I Have Officially Stopped Caring About My Own Opinion! 

I am formally No Longer Interested in my own thoughts!

Perhaps you are curious about this.  Have I lost my mind?  Have I finally gone completely insane?

Actually it feels like the opposite.  It feels like forward progress on my own spiritual awakening, and a positive surge in my own well being and health.  So let me tell you what I mean by this. 

I have a definite opinion and belief about those of us who follow gurus.  I also have a definite opinion about those of us who have "rigid" beliefs about food.  I always knew that neither one of those were for me. 

I Just Had to Get Over What I "Thought!"  

Because last month, I realized that there was a "guru" who I really wanted to learn more about.  The more I learned about him the more curious I became.  Now that kind of intrigue feels good. That is a YES, no matter what my opinions are. 

So I listened to my feelings.  I heard my thoughts, but ignored them.  Thoughts like, "Oh that is such a hassle.  It is too expensive.  What a bother.  You’ll  never really do that." 

Yes, I flew all the way from NJ to the ashram, way out in Tennessee.   And I am so proud to tell you that I went, despite that loud chatter going on in my head.

And am I ever glad that I did.  I now follow the guru’s easy daily practice.  Even more shocking to me, is that I have changed my eating.  He suggested eating mostly raw foods and vegetarian in a way that made so much sense to me, that again, I became extremely curious. 

Mind you, I  was not at all interested in following a guru, or in becoming a raw vegetarian.  In fact, they were last on my list.  But I was extremely curious, and I am committed to letting my Yes emotions be my truth. 

I Don’t Care What I Think!

Despite what my head was telling me, and what my opinions were, I have definitely been experiencing more authentic happiness and joy since I began following the guru’s practice.  I wake up in the morning, early, feeling both motivation and gratitude.  And this is happening easily, simply by my change of habits. I wake up, and get things done with a great relief in stress. In fact, things have felt much easier and much more focused. 

So I do not care what I think.  I only care what I feel.  And what I feel is better!!  My well being and health are the most important things in my life.  How about you?

You may never meet a guru, and you may never need to.  But you and I have a very powerful guidance system within us.  And that is the power and wisdom of our emotion.  Let it help you shut off the loudness of your own opinions.  Perhaps you’ll find your own way to authentic happiness too.

If anyone is curious about what I have been learning, feel free to contact me via email at sherry@sherrygoldman.com or call my Counseling Service at 732-557-0354.



Mood Swings of Anger Get the Best of Me!

Talk About Mood Swings!

I have been feeling so angry the past few months.  With all my anger techniques, and tools on anger control, I was really beginning to wonder about myself.  What was going on? I could not figure out how to manage my anger and my upset.  I was chronically feeling stress and anger.

Overcoming Anger

I did not know what to do.  So I finally decided to STOP!  What I mean by that is, I slowed way down. Like most of us, I drive myself fairy hard. 

I run, I do yoga, I work, I commute, I drive my daughter to her school, I am working on my on-line business. I love everything I am doing.  But I was feeling horrible?  Hmmmm? So I stopped rushing to yoga before work.  Ahhh.  I did not run every morning during the 99 degree heat wave of July.   Ahhhh.  I took a break from working on my on-line business.  Ahhhh.   I felt like a kid on summer vacation.  It was fantastic!

And then I found out that I was anemic.  No wonder I was so darn tired.  So I am taking iron, no longer anemic, and chilling out.  I cannot remember a time when I had more authentic happiness or a deeper sense of well-being and health.

So I am relearning what I already knew.  More is not always better!  Some times more just means more stress and anger, more anger issues, and more need for anger classes.

So here is wishing you a lot less repressed anger, and a lot more authentic happiness.  Slow down and smell the roses.  Enjoy your summer.  I know I am. See you at the beach!

I Need Relief of Stress!

I Need Relief of Stress, and NOW!

I feel it in my entire body.  I know I want to feel better.  It’s easy to know that.  But I have no idea how to get the relief of stress I want!  I am at a loss!

So What Do We Do, When We Don’t Know What to Do?

We have all heard things like:  Keep an attitude positive.  Have motivation and gratitude.  Use affirmations.  Be positive. Blah, blah, blah, blah.  When I am miserable, all those sayings and quotes are useless.  They do not answer my question. How to I feel better?  How to I get relief from the stress? If you are really ready for some answers, then read on!

1)  Focus on Your Breath.

I force myself, as gently and kindly as possible, to slow down.  This intuitive process of feeling better will not come to me from a pressured mindset.  So I look to find,,, induce….. create….. as much of a natural calm as I can.  In a way, I am looking for some instant hypnosis. The easiest way I have found to get my natural calm, or instant hypnosis, is to focus on my breath.  I, deliberately, focus on the in-and-out of my breath, for about 20 seconds. Without working at it, this naturally induces a feeling of ease. I first learned this as a marathoner, running races.  One of my coaches taught me to take deep breaths when I was overworking in a race.  It was to help me get more oxygen, and to help my body relax, without having to stop running. Try it some time.  You will see what I mean.

2) Observe your Emotions.

As I am focusing on my breath, I nonchalantly observe my emotions.  I do not analyze, interpret, or fix anything.  I am simply observing. This is actually a profound way of being with ourselves.  We often overlook it.  We get so busy thinking about what to do, and problem solving, that we miss these crucial, easy steps.  And, this is how we will begin to receive answers.

3)  Get Clear on Your NO.

What I mean by this is, I let myself unravel, as clearly as possible, what I do not want.  I do not want to go to that function……  I do not want to go to work today and deal with my boss……  I do not want to go shopping with my spouse……  I do not want to spend my money on that gadget.  I do not want to clean up that mess…….  Whatever! This is a crucial step.  Get clear on what you don’t want.  Get clear on what is upsetting you.

4) Get Clear on Your YES.

Now you must begin to think about what you want.  What outcome you want.  What goal you want.  What emotion you want to feel!  How it will feel as you get what you want. All this breathing, observing, and noticing what you don’t want, will make it easier to begin to know what you do want. Remember, you do not know how to get it, yet.  However, you have turned the crucial corner. You have stopped focusing on what you don’t want.  The Law of Attraction-Secret dictates that we ge what we are focused on with emotion.  So as long as you are focused on what you don’t want, you are going to get more of it.

5) Imagine Receiving Your YES.

Now it is time to allow in your authentic happiness. This is the real work of having a great life.  You must imagine, before it arrives, and before you know how it will come, what it will be like to receive your YES.  This is also crucial to mastering The Law of Attraction-Secret.  Now you are a magnet for the answers to come to you.  As long as you are focused on the YES, and in this positive mind set, you are in the necessary place to receive the answers to your questions. You now watch carefully for the clues that will come.  The clues will absolutely come.  As long as you focus on receiving them, you will get them.  The easiest, quickest way to receive the true essence of what you want, will become clear to you.  If you slip up and resume problem solving, you will feel stress again, and no longer receive the clues. By the way, Emotional Freedom-EFT can help make this entire process even easier. This is the art of mastering a great life!  Try it today.  Let me know how it goes!