What is Authentic Happiness?  Can I Be Happy?  


Let me start out backwards…….   I will first give you the definition of happiness, by describing what it isn’t.

Authentic Happiness, well being and health, are not the reward for a promotion.  They are not the prize when we lose weight fast. It is not what we win for having a wonderful family.  It is not the result of falling in love or finding your ideal mate.

Find Personal Happiness?

Perhaps you have already experienced a true, but frustrating, phenomenon?  Authentic happiness cannot be found.  In fact, the more you look for happiness, or try to achieve personal happiness, the more you will never find it.

Well Being and Health cannot be found!

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Does all this confuse you? It surely baffled me for many years. I was surely someone looking to achieve happiness in all the wrong ways. 

Are you too?

Happiness is a mind set.  In his fantastic book, "Psycho -Cybernetics,"  Maxwell Maltz gives the perfect happiness definition.  He explains that authentic happiness is a state of mind where our thinking is mostly pleasant.

It is that simple!  No bells or whistles.  No miracles required.  No special skills or talents needed. 

Since anyone can achieve happiness, why don’t most of us ever get there? 

Well for one thing, most of us live on a deferment plan.  Here are some examples of the happiness, well being and health on the deferment plan:  

I will be happy when I get married…….. have a child……….  or go on vacation……  have more money….

We dangle happiness, like a carrot, in front of our own noses.  We use it as a motivator, or like a bargaining chip. Happiness will be the reward for all our hard work, or when we get that promotion, or lose that weight.

In the meanwhile, we accept, and even expect to suffer.  It even begins to seem reasonable that we CANNOT BE happy until these things happen. The sad thing about this is that we will never become happy this way.  There will always be that next carrot dangling. 

If we develop the habit of postponing happiness, than we are actually mastering unhappiness.  And then the Law of Attraction-Secret, will attract even more unhappiness into our experience.

So, then, how do you get the authentic happiness mind set? How do we achieve that attitude – positive that we want so badly.

Happiness is a Habit.

I realize that this may seem like a big let down.  No bells or whistles.  But the truth is that authentic happiness, well being and health are a mental habit. 

And like all habits, it too, must be practiced to be experienced with any consistency. If this seems like a lot of work, well than you are right.  And it seems like most of us feel this heaviness, when we first learn what happiness really is, and what is required to get it. 

YES, it requires focus, absolutely. So let’s stop focusing backwards. And let’s not get too intimidated by the requirement to focus.  Because if we do, then we are losing focus, again. 

If we lose focus again, we will forget that this is all about authentic happiness.  How bad can it be to work hard, when we end up feeling happier.  In fact, this kind of work feels good!

The reward is well being and health.  So when you are experiencing repressed anger or mood swings of anger, or other upsets, beware!  These are moments when are minds are likely to run wild.  And when we have an unfocused, wild mind, we usually feel like a mess.

Choose Authentic Happiness!

Practice this mind set and achieve your inner happiness.   Or, don’t focus.  My choice is the one to achieve authentic happiness! 

What is yours? I choose authentic happiness.  What do you choose? We can choose to control our minds, and therefore our mind sets. 

The world does not make us think.  We do!  CHOOSE!


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