5 Happiness Tips

Happiness Tip Number 1:

Replace negative thoughts with a more positive thought as soon as you can.

Let the new thought be simple, easy, and believable.  You must replace the thought, otherwise, a negative thought will come right back in.

*  Example 1.  "I don’t feel like going to work today."  A possible replacement thought could be "Well right now I am going to enjoy my morning coffee."

*  Example 2. "I hate the way I look.  I am so fat, everything looks terrible."  A possible replacement thought could be, "I think I will wear blue today, and show off my eyes."

Don’t expect this replacement thought to last for very long.  You probably have a long habit of thinking negatively, so the new habit will take some time.  But every time you DO refocus, you reinforce your new habit.  Plus, the Law of Attraction-Secret will begin to feel your new focus and make it even easier. 

A slight change in focus helps increase well being and health dramatically!


Happiness Tips Number 2:

Boss your mind around!  Remind yourself, often, that no one, no situation, thinks for you.  You are always the one in charge of your thinking. 

Your boss, your spouse,  your parent, your child, the weather, the economy….. none of these dictate how you think.  Become 100% responsible for your own thoughts. You must!


Happiness Tips Number 3:


You will think 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for your entire life.  So you have plenty of time to practice.  And practice, practice, practice. 

Let this become your habit, your automatic.  It is easier than problem solving, or breaking old habits.  This will get easier and easier, as long as you start.


Happiness Tips Number 4: 

Don’t wait until you feel ready, or until life gets easier! Then you will have a life style of waiting.

I can tell you that I, myself, am committed to bossing my own mind around.  I do not do it perfectly.  But I can tell you that I truly enjoy my increased state of authentic happiness.


Happiness Tips Number 5:

Mix into this practice, other easy tools, to make this feel even easier.  For example Emotional Freedom-EFT is simple and easy.  Hypnosis is fun, and very relaxing.  I use many tools in my practice, most of which you can do on your own once you know them.

I want my life to be as happy and easy as possible.  So I am open to all kinds of ways to boss my negative thoughts around.  Or let EMDR Therapy heal hurt feelings that don’t change.

All these things can make focusing easier.  And easier is definitely better. 


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