Repressed Anger

What are the tools of overcoming anger? 

Are you still wondering how to handle anger?  Is your repressed anger causing horrible mood swings of anger?

Repressed Anger Techniques         

Letting go of anger CAN get easy!

Treatment for anger is a crucial step towards well being and health. Believe it or not, anger control comes from learning how to be safe while feeling anger. Everyone will experience the feeling of anger. 

We are not meant to overcome anger. 

It is a natural life saving device, and not easily ignored.  When is the last time you stopped feeling your anger, just because someone told you to calm down?  It is like asking a person to stop saving their lives, and not likely to work!

That is why overcoming anger, and learning how to manage anger, usually does not work.  We just get repressed anger, or passive-aggressive-anger.  Or, we stuff it, and have intense mood swings of anger.

Get Anger Control

Only through the safe releasing of our anger, will we actually experience a healing of anger. 

Releasing anger is the only way to handle anger and overcome anger!

In my counseling service, I show many anger releasing techniques.  They help heal the repressed anger, and offer freedom from passive aggressive anger.  These include easy tools like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), EMDR Therapy, Mindfulness, and Breath Work. 

Life changes deeply, we we are freed from repressed anger.  Since it is possible to learn easy tools, why not try them. 

Let these words inspire you, and possibly avoid another hopeless loss of temper or anger outburst!


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