Children & Teens

It is painful to watch your child struggling!  You can feel safe knowing your child or teen is receiving help from a deeply caring, and highly trained expert.  Sherry Lynn is a Certified ADHD Consultant, and has spent years developing tools to help children heal, develop new coping skills, and overcome life hurtles. 

Not limited to the traditional talk therapy approach, children will benefit from her inspiring, and “out of the box” approaches.  Groups are also offered.  Anxiety, Depression, Fears & Phobias, Panic, School Issues, Social Skills, Bullying, Test Taking, Making Friends, Behavior Issues, College Anxiety, OCD.  

Some of the Specialty Child & Teen Techniques include: Play, Hypnosis, Sand Tray, EMDR, EFT, Intuition, Meditation, Mindfulness, ADHD Coaching.  

And then of course, there is everyone’s absolute favorite.  We are blessed to have Georgie with us during the sessions.  Georgie is a 20 pound, white, fluffy, non-allergen, little puppy dog.  He is a certified therapy dog by Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs.  He is guaranteed to give you a wag of his tail, and to sit peacefully in his little bed while we “people” do our thing.  

Email:                Phone:  732-557-0354