Sand Tray – For Teens & Adults

Our culture believes in the fruits of our labor.  We value hard work and education.  We accept that at some point in time, it us just time to grow up!

Yet most prominent psychologist consider play a critical brain activity for development and higher intelligence.  In fact, play is linked to our very evolution. 

Perhaps we should worry about our lack of play! Today when kids do get to play it is frequently organized like gymnastics, little league, music lessons, etc.  We all feel the stress of being so over-scheduled. 

Adults today work long hours, and then have hectic family pressures when we get home.  Young and old, we need free, unstructured, play time.  It is not a luxury.  It is a necessity!

Teens lead very busy, stressful, lives with the intensity and pressures of school, homework, working-parents, numerous scheduled activities, etc

So playing with sand in therapy is definitely not just for kids! 

Regardless of age, creativity and happiness remain liinked to our ability to play.  By removing “seriousness,” play can release shame, spark brainstorming, and lead to artistic expression.  Play is key to developing “learned optismism,” rather than learned helplessness.  It also heals fears, hurts, and sadness.

For all of these reasons and more, Sand Tray Therapy is a wonderful tool for both teens and adults.  By putting your hands in sand, and then also placing miniatures in the sand, we can playfully and easily express ourselves, without having to put it into words, or even talk at all.  

Sand Tray Therapy can be used for Adults, Couples, Business Partners, Groups, Families, and of course kids.  It is one of the best problem solving techniques

Let’s all play in the sand

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