Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT), is a simple and easy tool.  It quickly and effectively helps with anxiety, panic, PTSD, cravings, trauma, headaches, and just about any kind of emotional pain! 

It really is that great!

It also has an unbelievably high success rate of 85%.  Just about any problem can be helped with EFT, and Sherry Lynn uses it in her counseling practice on a regular basis.

EFT has routes in ancient Chinese Medicine.  It is based on the accupuncture, accupressure points of our bodies, and is like receiving acupuncture for our emotions. 

It is extremely easy to learn and use.  It involves light tapping with your fingers on specific points of the body, and is combined with talk.  It is simple enough that children can learn it.  And Sherry Lynn will show it to both children and adults in her session.

One of the wonderful things about EFT, is that once you know learn it, you can use it any where, any time.  EFT was created by a non-therapist, named Gary Craig.  You can learn more about EFT at his website www.emofree.com