How Hypnosis Helps Teens

Hypnosis is a wonderful, fun, therapeutic, tool that can help many Teens!

Hypnosis is as a natural bridge between imagination, reality, and life stressors.  While relaxing into hypnosis, a teen can more easily get comfortable, and focus on the issues that are contributing to their anxiety, depression, physical symptoms, sleep issues, school phobias, etc.  

Hypnosis is very safe.  It is actually quite different than the dramatic versions we tend to see in movies.  No matter how relaxed your teen becomes, their unconscious will always remain highly alert and attentive.  This means that they will always remain in control during the entire session.  In fact, your teen will always know they are in trance during the entire session, and can always stop the session any time they want.

Hypnosis offers a wonderful tool to mentally rehearse for future events, heal old upsetting traumas, and to learn new coping skills. It is almost always a relaxing, and healing experience.  It can also be quite fun, and a wonderful relief from having to “talk” about problems.

Hypnosis sessions are also an opportunity to use play, humor, and creativity.  This can lead to a important sense of mastery.  By helping them to prepare for future stressors, it is empowering, and can also really boost their confidence. 

Issues Treated with Hypnosis:  Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Issues/Nightmares, Phobias, Learning Issues, Eating Problems, Physical Symptoms.