Hypnosis for Adults

During hypnosis, Sherry Lynn will first help her client to relax.  This is generally done with some easy counting, and some body awareness techniques

95% of people can respond to hypnosis, at least to some extent.  In fact, most of us experience some form of hypnosis, spontaneously, throughout the day.  If you have ever been absorbed in a movie, or lost track of time while driving, then you have have gone into some form of trance.

Hypnosis is not at all like what we see in the movies!  It is always a safe experience.  While we may become consciously relaxed, our unconscious remains totally awake, alert and attentive.   This means that despite the easy, relaxed quality of hypnosis, we actually remain completely in control

One of the most wonderful things about hypnosis, is that powerful healing can happen, just by relaxing!  While in hypnosis, we can experience wonderful moments of intuition, wisdom, and creativity.  Thomas Edison actually made many amazing discoveries by adeptly using hypnotic states.  The hypnotic state can bring out the genius in all of us.

Hypnosis is often fun, and almost always relaxing. Another fantastic thing about hypnosis is that it opens the door to  miracles, because we let our powerful unconscious do the work. 

As you practice hypnosis it will become more, and more, familiar.  In a very short time, you can easily induce your own self-hypnosis.  When we can help ourselves to feel better, we are truly becoming free.

Things helped by Hypnosis can include: PTSD, Overeating, Sleep, Anxiety, Depression, Fears & Phobias, Public Speaking, Addictions, Athletic & Performance.


Please Contact Sherry For More Information. 732-557-0354.

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  3. Sherry Goldman

    Hello Site Reading Friend,

    Hypnosis works with the unconscious mind. It is easy, fun, and helpful. All you have to do is sit back and relax. If you would like to learn more contact me for an appointment at sherry@sherrygoldman.com

    I am thrilled that you are enjoying my site. I will keep it full of interesting and helpful materials. so come back often!

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    Sherry Goldman, LCSW

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