Mediation refers to a broad variety of techniques, or practices, designed to promote relaxation, develop self awareness, and create peace of mind. 

Meditation has been practiced in numerous forms, probably always….  The ability to gain mastery over our minds can greatly help with depression, anxiety, and life overall.  It can also help with various health issues, such as high blood pressure. 

In our culture today, which is so fast paced, we seem to be forgetting the need to be quiet.  We cannot be happy and self satisfied people, if we can not sit still and just "be."  We can be living in paradise, but still tortured by our mind. 

Sherry Lynn is able to bring depth to her therapy practice, because she,  herself, is a dedicated meditator.  Her ability to sit in quiet has deeply enhanced her ability to really "listen" to her clients.  It has also opened her intuitive abilities a great deal.

Sherry Lynn is able to incorporate her meditative style into her sessions.  She can also help anyone who wants to learn how to meditate themselves.