The Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction is a Universal Law.  It states that our thoughts and feelings have an energetic force or pull.  Universal Laws are much larger in scope than Planetary Laws, like gravity.  So the Law of Attraction is a really big deal. 

This energetic force works like a magnet.  In this case, like attracts like.  This means our positive energy will attract more positive energy.  Our negative energy will attract more negative. 

We already know that it feels better to be positive.  But in addition, when we are positive, the Universe help us, by bringing more positive energy our way.  Unfortunately, the opposite is also true.  If we are negative, the Universe will bring us more negative energy.

Of course, we would all love to be more positive.  The question is, how do we become more positive?  Because if we try to think positively, but still feel frustrated, than we are still a negative force.  The universe responds to the feel of things, not our words. 

A common example is wanting more money.  The trick is to feel rich and abundant, before we have the money.  This way, the Universe can respond to our positive energy, and money will come with ease. 

Being able to focus on what we want, but don’t have yet, is much easier when we feel peaceful, happy, or have faith.  This is why Sherry Lynn uses so many releasing and healing techniques in her sessions.  It is much easier to have joy inside when we are not suffering from trauma and emotional upsets. We can feel peace with less effort. 

Therapy and healing work make it easier to become a positive magnet for all the things we want in life. 


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