Sherry Lynn graduated with Honors, and earned a Master’s Degree in Social Work from New York University.  She honed her clinical skills for many years, and finally established her private practice.

Prior to working as a Social Worker, Sherry Lynn enjoyed a very colorful career life.  She worked as an Public Accountant for a large accounting firm; she was a  successful Salesperson; she also owned and operated her own Computer Recruiting Firm.

Her psychotherapy practice directly reflects her own personal life experiences.  Sherry Lynn is as committed to her own life journey, as she is to her clients’ healing.  She lives passionately, constantly learning, growing, and expanding.  It is just a natural process for her, that her psychotherapy practice has become so expansive and so deep.

Living passionately means that Sherry Lynn has delved deeply into her own healing.  Every technique used in her practice has been explored deeply as part of her own healing life journey.  Sherry declares she is entitled to live her own personal dreams, and therefore she stands strong in her commitment to live yours.

Her curious nature, her desire to live hew own inspired life, and her commitment to help others achieve the same results, has led her to extensively train and master a vast array of powerful techniques.  Her many trainings include: Hypnosis Certified. EMDR Certifed.  Mindfulness Certified.  Sand Tray Level I and II, ADHD Trained.  EFT  Trained.  Reiki II.  Past Life Regression Trained.  Shaman Trained.  Also trained in Energy Healing, Meditation, Breath Work, Somatic Body Release, Psychically Trained, and deeply Spiritually Trained.

Sherry Lynn Shares About Her Own Life Experiences

Certainly, I have lived a diverse, non-linear, path. That path has also included feeling depressed, confused, and lost.  Yet, as life always seems to offers us hindsight, I can now see how I was on a journey, and searching, before I even realized it.  And I now understand that deep change is possible, even for me.

It seems like a strange dream that I ever worked as an accountant.  Despite the fact that I received an accounting degree at the University of Massachusetts, and then a job at a highly prestigious public accounting firm, I could not have been more lost.  I was an absolutely horrible accountant.

That was a time of successfully landing many jobs, and then either quitting them or getting fired.  I also changed career paths many times.  It was definitely a case of looking for answers, and not finding them.

I also studied ballet for many years, into my late 20’s.  This was also a tortured experience.  Despite a great love of dance, and some real talent, I seemed unable to master some of the important ballet techniques, and always felt terribly inadequate.

My romantic relationships weren’t overly successful either.  Probably more to move away from a relationship, than an actual career choice, I accepted a scholarship from NYU School of Social Work, and moved from Boston to New York City.   Really, I thought I would have fun in NYC, and dance a lot.

Again, through hindsight, I now see the miracle to all this, though I certainly did not receive the answers I thought I was looking for.  For one thing, I unexpectedly, stopped dancing and began jogging.  In a very brief time, I transformed from jogging to becoming a fast, high-ranking, competitive marathoner.   

Plus, I had fallen in love with running.  I discovered a freedom like I never knew before. To become a strong runner, I used myself deeply, learned how to surpass limits, break physical and mental barriers, and how to train my mind.  I see, now, how this was the start of my spiritual journey.

My next major catalyst for change came years later, during a period of intense personal upheaval and emotional pain.  My healthy, vibrant, 60 year old, marathon-running father, was given the fatal diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, and expected to die quickly. We had an awesome relationship, and I loved him deeply.  Plus he was the happiest person I have ever known.

The experience with my father rocked me to the core.  It woke me up to how there are things in life that just don’t make sense.  Death, sickness, despair, pain.  My family felt them all.

What I did not know then, was that miracles can come at the strangest of times, and in strange ways.  Sometimes, it seems that they sneak in during crisis.  Perhaps a time when we are less guarded.  So perhaps that is why, while my father was sick, I began to receive powerful experiences with white light.

With no spiritual inclination or background, I did not know what to make of it.  Yet I knew something was happening.  While I found it hard to believe, it just knew that the white light was helping him to live.  I also knew that if someone else was having this kind of experience, I would not have believed them.

Then, one sad day, one year later, my white light turned to blue light.  I say it was a sad day, because I experienced the blueness as profoundly, and inexplicably, sad.  While I had no idea what any of this meant, that very day my father went back to the hospital. It was the tragic day the doctor informed my Dad that he was about to die.

The doctors horrendous words triggered my father into despair.  The entire year of being ill, he had remained in good spirits.  Both those powerful words destroyed him, and we all watched it happen, with no power to stop it

I now know that there is the Universal Law of Polarity.  It states that for every terrible thing that happens, there is an equally wonderful thing that also happens.  And so my own spiritual journey was launched, rocketed forward, as my father’s journey launched to his death.

I have never been the same.  That experience with my Dad seemed to have opened a door.  Perhaps that door needed to be opened.  But since that time, I seem to have opened my heart to my own spiritual life journey.  Of course, I did not know it at the time.  Again, it is only through hindsight, that I now see it that way.

It took a few years, and a failed business, to finally bring me to my true calling.  Again, what seemed like a failing at the time, was actually a nudge by some deeper life force.  Because I have finally entered the world where I belong. And in many ways, it all seems like an accident.

I am a psychotherapist who has the courage to live deeply, and passionately.  To reach far.  To want a lot out of life, and be willing to go for it, even if I fall.  I have become empathic, psychic, intuitive, skilled, and committed.  I travel around the country, mastering techniques that help and heal…… myself…… my clients….. the planet….. even the universe!!

I have become someone who can love deeply.  While I don’t have it all figured out, and sometimes I still feel lost, I do have a deep sense of inner peace.  I enjoy an insatiable curiosity, and live with real zest.

I still love running, and have even begun dancing again.  And guess what, all those ballet techniques I could not master when I was young, somehow, I am learning them now.  I am a much better ballet dancer in my 50’s than ever before.  Again, that just makes no sense.

Since life makes no sense, and all that planning doesn’t guarantee anything, we may as well make the most of the time we have while we are here.

For you or your child, if coming in to see me for therapy can help life become more inspired, more free, or more meaningful, then come on in!

Do it for yourself, or your child, but come on in!

Email:  sherry@sherrygoldman.com                  Phone:  732-557-0354


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