Poetry & Stories

These poems seem to just arrive out of nowhere.  They especially come to me when I am jogging outside.  When they come to me, it seems extremely important that I share them.  The stories have arrived in much the same way.  There is nothing like a good story, and I tell a lot of them.  They can be a playful way to learn challenging new things. 

Rather than debate this unexpected inspiration, I have chosen to listen to it.  Therefore, with an open heart, I share these poems and stories with you. 


1)  Being In Storm

2)  Blue Heron

3)  Glorious Words to Say

4)  Where

5)  Open Window

6)  The Need

7)  I Love!

8)  What

9)  Play

10) Connection to Rainbow

11) Running with My Daddy

12)  From Motherhood to Life

13)  Yellow

14) Life is a Quack

15)  New Tomorrows

16) I Become

17)  Winter Blues

18)  Black & White

19) Brazenly Reckless

20) Twinkle, Twinkle, Little

21)  Dancing In Disguise

22)  Go Away

23)  Falling Off Rainbows



1)   I Am Not Smart Enough!

2)   Go Outside!

3)  Rocking with Chrissie Hynd

4)  I Will Love You Because I Must! 

5)  Just an Egomaniac!

6)  My True Love

7) Losing It in Public

 8) The Five-Pronged Stars

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