Lose Weight Fast Series

1)FREE.  Prevent an Eating Binge. 1 Hour.  Coming Soon!

  • An introductory telephone class.
  • Control that crave!! Using Emotional Freedom-EFT, you will develop new habits of eating, naturally.
  • Heal eating for emotional reasons, binge disorder, eating compulsive, and al had habits of eating.
  • If this it seems too good to be true, so magical in thinking, then you must take this teleconference.

So easy to relax..  All you need is an hour and your phone.

2)Lose Weight Fast   4 Weeks – 1 hour each wk.   Coming Soon!

  • Week 1. Using the Emotional Freedom- EFT, stop that eating binge before it starts.  Experience yourself as you break that habit of eating for emotional reasons, or because of your binge disorder.
  • Week 2. Heal those hurt feelings that dont change.  Uncover secrets about your beliefs and about your feelings that lead to an eating binge, or eating for emotional reasons.  Use  Emotional Freedom-EFT-Technique, for relief of stress that these compulsive eating patterns cause.  Watch road blocks disappear.  See a size change as they do.
  • Week 3. Learn how to develop your ideal weight and body image.  This crucial step is frequently overlooked.  Learn how your ideal weight body image ensures that you lose healthy weight.  Become that person who can eat to lose weight.
  • Week 4. How to keep moving forward.  Lose weight fast, but live your ideal weight an body naturally.  Break the habit now and forever. Home-therapy.

So easy to relax..  All you need is an hour and your phone. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Holistic Healing to Build Confidence Series

1)FREE.  Intro – Build Confidence! 1 hour.  Coming Soon!

  • An introductory telephone class.
  • It is actually possible to start realizing results during this one simple class.
  • We will begin practicing one of the easiest transformation techniques, Emotional Freedom-EFT .
  • Get immediate relief of stress.
  • Learn how to master an attitude-positive.
  • Receive healing-holistic.

So easy to relax..  All you need is an hour and your phone.

2)Build Confidence! 4 Weeks.  1 hour each wk.  Coming Soon

  • Week 1. Using Emotional Freedom-EFT, you begin to release hurt feelings that have been in the way of your attitude-positive.  You will be amazed at the relief of stress you receive.
  • Week 2.        As You release hurt feelings a new sense of well being and health emerges.  It begins to feel easy to relax. It is now possible to change habits about thoughts and about feelings, that have been keeping you stuck.
  • Week 3. Develop no-nonsense skills to deal with disorders of anxiety, depression, stress, tension, and any unpleasant resistance.  Ensure that your progress continues.
  • Week 4. How to keep moving forward.  True healing-holistic, and well being and health, demand that you have strong coping skills. This class ensure you have spiritual awakenings that can last a lifetime.

So easy to relax in the comforts of home.  All you need is an hour and your phone ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Relief of Stress, Fears, & Phobia Coming Soon!

The Law of Attraction-Secret Coming Soon!

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