Testimonial Letters

____________________________________________________________________________ I write this testimonial letter because I have just finished four sessions, with Sherry Goldman. There were six of us gathered together in Sherry’s Office, with one common problem, Emotional Eating.
  At first I was a little concerned about opening up. Sherry made us feel very welcomed, and comfortable and able to relax and focus on the subject at hand. As time went on, we heard each person’s problems about eating, and tapped about them. The best part of that was, we all tapped with the person, and somehow each of us would be able to find something in each tapping, that could pertain to us somehow, and trigger thoughts in your own mind that needed to be tapped about.
Then we would engage in a very comfortable hypnosis. Sometimes as individuals, sometimes as a group. Sherry’s voice in exceptionally good for this type of hypnosis, it is very relaxing, and soothing.
By the end of the four sessions, no one wanted to leave; we all loved it so much! You come away from there, never to be the same again! I purchased seven of Sherry’s CD’s. The CD’s are all great and extremely helpful. If you fall back into a bad frame of mind, they help to move you forward to be strong again. Her voice is very smooth and relaxing. To sum up, I feel, above all, I have walked away from Sherry’s sessions, with more confidence, able to stop a lot of the old thoughts going through my mind a lot quicker than before, and able to transfer thoughts into something more useful and helpful, rather than harmful. Able to move forward instead of backwards. MJL.  New Jersey _____________________________________________________________________________ Dear Sherry, I have had breakthrough after breakthrough. Ever since our last class I have been releasing all those negative made up stories lies and illusions that I have created connected to my weight issue. Thanks to you and your group I have had extraordinary growth. I know in my heart I am now free from food running my life. Best of all, I have never ever felt this amazing love for myself that I feel now. I would recommend this class to anyone. Love and Blessings Connie.  Spiritual Healer and EFT Teacher.   New Jersey ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Sherry introduced me to emotional freedom-EFT last year when I was experiencing overwhelming anxiety while driving. She was able to immediately tune into mythoughtsand feelings and guide me through them while tapping. It was a powerfulexperience and I haven’t had anxiety while driving since that day. As a psychotherapist, I find Sherry to be a highly skilled and gifted therapist and practitioner of EFT. Linda, psychotherapist.  Massachusetts." ______________________________________________________________________________ I have welcomed much joy and evolution into my life as a result of doing emotional freedom-EFT tapping with Sherry.  She captures a quintessential essence of emotion in her EFT style. Way to go Sherry! ______________________________________________________________________________ Please Contact Sherry For More Information. 732-557-0354. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]